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Zoom H4N

Zoom H4N
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The zoom H4N is a high quality, portable audio recorder that is ideal for DSLR shooters that cannot record audio into their cameras. You can either record into the zoom's microphones or onto your microphones by attaching them to the zoom via XLR inputs. We rent the zoom recorder in the Los Angeles area.


The Zoom H4N is an exceptional portable audio recording tool. It is equipped with high quality stereo condenser microphones. It can have a wide variety of uses, from conference recording to electronic news gathering (ENG), interviews, films and more. You may either plug in your own lavalier, hand held or boom microphones to get professional audio or just use the zoom's high quality stereo microphones. Either way, you'll get exceptional quality audio with this great portable device.

Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) My H4N Zoom Recorder has no Mode Option in the Menu

Sometimes you may go on the menu of your zoom h4n audio recorder and find no "mode" option. "Mode" selection is the last selection in your h4n's menu options. If you don't see the "Mode" option after "SD Card" selection it is because your h4n is in "Stamina" mode. If your h4n zoom is in "Stamina" mode then your "Mode" and recording option disappear. The "Stamina" mode selection is on the back of your zoom h4n, just above your batteries. Turn that off and restart your h4n and you should see the "Mode" options there.