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Westcott 40.5" 5 in 1 Reflector Disc with Holder

Westcott 40.5
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The Westcott 5 in 1 reflector kit has a disc that measures 40.5". It comes with a light stand and a reflector holder.


The Westcott 40.5" 5 in 1 reflector kit can be used in a variety of ways, either to diffuse, reflect or block light according to your needs. This is achieved thanks to slipcovers that comes with different colors: gold, to give a rich golden fill to your subject, silver, to increase the contrast in the image, black, to block light, or white, to provide a neutral colored bounce. The size of this reflector makes it more suitable for portraits.

If you are looking for a bigger reflector, check out the 4'x6' Sun-Bouncer Pro reflector by Sunbounce.