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Stedman Proscreen PS-101 Metal Pop Filter for Microphones

Stedman Proscreen PS-101 Metal Pop Filter for Microphones
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Superior to fabric pop filters!

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Designed for serious studio use, the Stedman Proscreen PS-101 Metal Pop Filter features an advanced design that yields excellent plosive control while maintaining high durability. In addition to the Proscreen PS-101 being highly effective at blocking obtrusive vocal sounds such as popping Ps and Bs, it boasts a strong clamp that won't scratch your stand. The flexible gooseneck is covered in a heavy-duty vinyl shrink material for protection and minimal noise when making adjustments, and both the filter and clamp are finished in a rugged powder coating to last a lifetime of recording sessions.


Metal vs Fabric

The Proscreen PS-101 uses a metal pop filter, rather than the more common fabric material used in many filters. This has the advantage of redirecting airflow downward away from the microphone capsule instead of simply diffusing sound bursts like fabric filters do. Even very close vocal work will not allow popping or plosives (such as P and B sounds) to reach the mic, and the large openings in the metal screen allow vocal sound to pass through unobstructed and uncolored, preserving critical detail.