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Sony FS7

Sony FS7
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The Sony FS7 is a great hand held 4K camera that is best used for run and gun type of shoots. It can shoot 4K as well as 2K and HD up to 180fps.


The Sony FS7 is a great 4K camera which can record 4K internally in various formats. It can record DCI 4K (4096x2160), UHD and regular HD. The Sony FS7 has a Super 35 EXMOR sensor and sports an E-mount which allows you to also use adapters to mount PL or EF lenses.

The Sony FS7 records on XQD cards and this package comes with 3 64GB XQD cards. Recording formats are XAVC (either Intra or Long) and MPEG-2. When recording in MPEG-2 you can only record in HD.

The latitude of the Sony FS7 is 14 stops and its body is made of Magnesium, which makes it a very light camera considering its size. To make operation easier, the Sony FS7 comes with the "SmartGrip", which is attached to the right of the camera and allows you to start recording, zoom (with Sony lenses) and use assigned buttons.

The Sony FS7 has 2 XQD media slots and it switches from one slot to the next without stopping which is ideal for long shoots.


The Sony FS7 is usually rented with the Sony FE PZ 28-135mm zoom lens.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) When would I use the XAVC-L Codec with the FS7?

The XAVC-L codec in the Sony FS7 is a Long G.O.P. codec, a more efficient codec compared to the XAVC-I codec. However, even if the files are smaller and takes 1/4 of the space in the media compared to XAVC-I, it takes more processing power to handle it with your computer. Also, it is only 8-bit when shooting in 4K.