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Red Motion TI PL Mount

Red Motion TI PL Mount
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The Red Motion Ti PL Mount can be used in several ways, as a variable ND filter, as a global shutter or as a soft shutter filter.


The Red Motion TI PL Mount makes your Red camera set up more efficient and lighter. It can act as a global shutter which can eliminate any rolling shutter effects you might encounter when shooting fast subjects or strobes when the sensor doesn't reset fast enough.

As a soft shutter filter, the Red Motion mount eliminates flickering displays and motion blur. Finally, as an added bonus, the Red Motion mount gives you a variable ND which goes up to 2.4 ND, giving you a lighter set up since eliminates the need to use NDs with your matte box.


Often rented with our Red Epic Dragon.

Shot On the Red Motion TI PL Mount

What is the Red PL Motion Mount?

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