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Pocket Wizard Plus II

Pocket Wizard Plus II
Daily Price Weekly Price
$8.00 $24.00

The Pocket Wizard Plus II is a transceiver that can be used as a transmitter or receiver by hooking it up on your DSLR and light to trigger your flash light wirelessly.


The Pocket Wizard Plus II is a radio triggering system that is used in photography to trigger your flash lights whenever you take a snapshot with your digital camera. When you place the Pocket Wizaed on your camera's hot shoe, it becomes a transmitter. The Pocket Wizard that you connect to your light becomes the receiver. The Pocket Wizard Plus II uses AA batteries and has a range of 1600 feet.

The daily rate is per transceiver. Two are needed to trigger one light, and three are needed to trigger two lights.


The Pocket Wizard Plus II is usually used with our Alien Bee Einstein flash unit.