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ME66 Sennheiser Microphone

ME66 Sennheiser Microphone
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The Sennheiser ME66 microphone is an exceptionally high quality shotgun microphone that can be used with various modules like the K6 or K6P. This microphone has a wide frequency response and is highly directional, minimizing noise. It comes with the K6 module

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The Sennheiser ME66 microphone is a high quality shotgun microphone that can be used on a big variety of projects, from event videography to commercials and films. One of the features that makes this microphone exceptional is the cardioid polar pattern that attenuates the noise at the sides while maximazing pick up at the front. The result is that this microphone is very directional and minimizes ambient noise. Also, it has a wide frequency reponse, from 40 to 20000Hz and this ensueres an accurate signal reproduction. The Sennheiser ME66 comes in a combo with the K6 module.

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