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BB&S Area 48 Soft LED Panel Light

BB&S Area 48 Soft LED Panel Light
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3200K/5600K LED panel with high color accuracy and V-mount battery plate.

Designed to render the most accurate color possible, the Area 48 Soft LED Fixture for Remote Phosphor Panels from BB&S is a unique LED light source that separates the phosphor, which is normally integrated into the LED, from the Area 48's array. Instead, a phosphor panel with the desired color temperature is inserted into the light's accessory channel. The benefit is a higher degree of color accuracy than that of phosphor-incorporated lights as exhibited by the Area 48's as well as a very high TLCI rating of 98. Included in the pckage are 3200K and 5600K phosphor panels. The Area 48 also has a strobing mode for visual effects.


Built with the professional user in mind, the Area 48 is dimmable from 3-100% locally on the fixture, or remotely via 16-bit, 4-channel DMX. The light has a low-heat output that's equivalent to a 1200W tungsten flood light while consuming only 122W which translates to low operating costs and a fast return on investment. The included 100-240 VAC power supply allows worldwide use, but the optional V-mount battery plate offer independence from mains power, an essential feature for the location shooter.

Package Includes:

  • BB&S Area 48 Soft LED Light
  • 3200K Phosphor Panel
  • 5600K Phosphor Panel
  • Barndoors
  • DoP Choice SnapBag 90 Degree Soft Box with Diffusion
  • 40° Grid
  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • AC Power Supply


  • 1200W tungsten equivalent output
  • Detachable barndoors, yoke and TVMP connector
  • 160W, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power supply
  • Draws just 122W and weighs 10 pounds
  • V-mount battery plate
  • Integrated DMX 512 control
  • Flicker-free, silent operation, no fans
  • 8-/16-bit dimming: 3-100% plus strobe built into software