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Arri T1 Location Fresnel

Arri T1 Location Fresnel
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Rating: 1000 watts, 120-240VAC Socket(Lampholder): G22 Bi Pin Lens(Condenser): 5.9’’ (150mm) low expansion borosilicate Fresnel Lens. Reflector Mirror: Spherical specular high purity aluminum. Mounting: ⅝’’ baby spigot. Yoke: Tubular Cable: 10’ (3m) Power Cable, switch. Focusing: Front & Rear mounted knobs. Weight: 10.1lbs(4.6kg) Dimensions: 16.8 x 11.4 x 8,8’’ (42.7 x 29 x 22.4cm) (HxWxD including yoke and mount.

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Perfect for creating beautiful hard light, great tough well made light weight light.

  • Cooling System: new, highly effective cooling streams in addition to conventional cooling

  • Sliding Stirrup: centre of gravity adjustment

  • Tilt Lock: stainless steel friction disc for rigid lock-off

  • Top Latches: application-oriented Top Latches for location or studio use

  • Adjustable Accessory Brackets: adjustable 2-scrim and 4-scrim position

  • Stainless Steel Lens Protection: maximised light transmission and high temperature stability

  • Extremely Robust Barndoors: made of special alloy with high strength-to-weight ratio and effective tightening function

  • Maintenance: more shared parts, very fast access to all interior workings with three torx drivers only

  • Protection class IP23: safe indoor and outdoor use

  • Safety Certification: CE, TÜV-GS, NRTL-US-C