Rokinon 10mm T3.1 Cine Lens

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Weight: 21.16oz ( 1.35 pounds) Great lens for when shooting landscapes, architecture, & small interior locations. Good lens for low light areas, Nano Coating System reduces surface reflections and prevents lens flares. Equivalent to a 35mm focal length of 16mm.

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The Rokinon 10mm T3.1 lens offers some of the same features as the 14mm lens with its manual iris ring and manual focus ring. Its aperture range goes from T3.1 to T23. This cine ultra wide angle lens was specifically designed for video use with Canon APS-C DSLR's & smaller sensors. You will not get the fish eye affect with this lens, you do get a ultra-wide 106 degree edge to edge coverage. 

If you are looking for a full frame lens please take a look at our Rokinon 14mm Lens.

Shot On the Rokinon 10mm T3.1 Cine Lens
  • Here's B & H describing the lens capabilities & predecesors. They discuss the 10mm Cine Lens at 4:15:00.